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Extensive Selection of High-Quality Lumber

Expect excellent pricing on everything from construction plywood to treated lumber for marine use at Midway Lumber Company Inc. Our hardware store and lumberyard in Baltimore, Maryland, keeps our prices as low as possible to ensure you have access to the materials you need. Our large selection of lumber ensures any project is easily within reach. Get the high-quality wood you need from our yard. Our building materials include:

Framing lumber • Plywood • Treated Lumber, Grade #1 • Moldings • Primed Boards • Marine Lumber • Pilings

Wood Panels and a Power Saw

The Best Lumber

Not only will you find home-grade lumber at our store, but we also have an amazing selection of premium lumber available at very competitive prices. This is in addition to our inventory of the standard-quality lumber that is commonly found in the stock of home centers everywhere. We are sure to have just about any kind of wood you need in stock.

Making a Choice

In addition to our broad selection, you can also come to our lumberyard for dependable advice and guidance from our staff. We are dedicated to helping you choose the right materials for just about any project you can dream of.